Merchant acquiring
We will help you retain existing customers and attract new ones!

What is merchant acquiring?

Merchant acquiring is a service that allows you to accept payments with Mastercards Worldwide and VISA payment systems for goods, works, and services at POS terminals.

We will help you retain existing customers and attract new ones!


Why enable merchant acquiring?

  • Increase in the customer base and turnover of the company - You do not lose customers who do not have cash on them - It is convenient for your customers to pay with cards
  • Reduce the cost of cash collection and storage, minimize the risk of accepting counterfeit bills or staff errors


Why merchant acquiring from COMINBANK?

  • We will install modern equipment (stationary and portable POS terminals) and innovative POS payment terminals that do not depend on electricity and work independently for free. The key condition for their operation is that you only need access to the internet!!!
  • We will provide qualified service and technical support
  • We will ensure that all operations are performed as quickly as possible, safely and confidentially
  • We will provide integration of POS terminals with the cash register system and retail equipment
  • We will provide an opportunity to accept Visa and MasterCard payment cards for payment
  • We will provide you with free consumables and advertising materials for POS terminals
  • We will provide free training of personnel to work with the POS terminal
  • We apply an individual approach to setting tariffs
  • We will provide a refund the next day


How is payment made through a POS terminal?

  • The cashier at the terminal enters the purchase amount
  • The client attaches a card/phone with NFC to the terminal
  • The terminal contacts the bank for authorization
  • After confirmation by the bank, the terminal issues a payment receipt
  • Funds, except for commission, are credited to the merchant's account the next day


Use the merchant acquiring service from COMINBANK and feel the benefits now!  

  1. Contact the nearest outlet, fill out the form, or call the COMINBANK contact center on 0 800 501 200.
  2. Provide a package of documents and sign a service agreement.
  3. Wait for the arrival of a specialist who will install a POS terminal and train employees.

Online application

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