Corporate cards
Optimal and convenient tools for conducting calculations

A corporate card is an optimal and convenient tool for making payments on behalf of and at the expense of business entities and controlling expenses for entertainment costs, business trips, and payments related to the statutory and business activities of business entities. JSC "COMINBANK" offers to issue corporate cards of the Mastercard payment system in the name of authorized representatives of business entities to support and ensure successful activity.

Client's segment of

  • legal entity
  • foreign representative offices, registered on the territory of Ukraine, and are taxpayers
  • as individual entrepreneurs

A corporate card in the national currency is intended for:

  • Receiving cash to make payments related to production (business) needs (purchase of stationery, office equipment, furniture, fuel and lubricants, etc.) and overhead costs (purchase, subscriptions, translation services), payment of business trip expenses (hotel room reservation, ticket purchase, car rental, daily expenses, etc.), payment of entertainment costs (official receptions, cultural programs) and expenses related to statutory activities (purchase of goods, payments to suppliers, etc.).
  • Making non-cash payments related to statutory and business activities, entertainment costs, and business trip expenses.
  • Making other non-cash payments.

A corporate card in a foreign currency (US dollars, euros) is intended for:

  • Cash withdrawal outside of Ukraine to pay business trip expenses;
  • making non-cash payments outside of Ukraine related to business trip and entertainment costs, as well as operating expenses related to the maintenance and stay of vehicles outside of Ukraine.

Main advantages

For business entities (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs):

  • round-the-clock access to funds on the current account, transactions on which are carried out using corporate payment cards (hereinafter referred to as the corporate card account), regardless of the Bank's operating hours;
  • reducing the risks and costs of obtaining, transporting, storing, and withdrawing cash;
  • simplifying accounting and reducing the number of reporting documents;
  • possibility of Round-the-clock payment in the retail and service network and the Internet; 
  • the ability to receive cash to make payments related to production (business) needs in Ukraine and in any country in the world; 
  • control over expenses by setting limits on corporate card account transactions, as well as on statements provided by the Bank, or by using the additional service of SMS-Banking;
  • possibility of Round-the-clock monitoring of set limits using the PAY CIB electronic banking system;
  • possibility of prompt remote replenishment of corporate cards of authorized persons of business entities that are on a business trip;
  • no need to buy foreign currency for business trips abroad;
  • no need to declare funds on the card if you are traveling abroad;
  • the possibility of promptly blocking the corporate card by the Client by calling the contact center of JSC "COMINBANK" or remotely using the PAY CIB electronic banking system in case of card loss;
  • round-the-clock client support using the contact center of JSC "COMINBANK".

For individual entrepreneurs:

  • possibility to open current (card) accounts in the national currency without opening a current account
  • possibility of crediting (replenishing) a current (card) account both in cash and non-cash

General terms and conditions:

  • Corporate cards can be issued to one corporate card account in the name of each authorized representative employee of a legal entity/individual entrepreneur (one employee - one card), as well as in the name of one authorized representative of several corporate cards (one employee - several cards).
  • Replenishment of a corporate card by non-cash transfer of funds from other accounts of business entities, including another corporate card issued to another corporate card account in the name of another authorized employee of the business entity.
  • PIN codes assigned to corporate (business) cards (from 01.09.2023) are provided to cardholders by the Contact Centre Department by sending an SMS message to the financial phone of the cardholders upon their personal request and after identification and activation of the corporate (business) card.

Documents required to open a card account

For an existing client:

  • application for opening a current account;
  • application for issuing a corporate card
  • a passport or other identity document and the Taxpayer Registration Identification Card Number (identification number) of the Client's authorized employees in whose name corporate cards will be issued.

For a new client:

  • in addition to the above list of documents, the documents required to open a current account and for know-your-client checks (KYC) shall be submitted;

For more information, please contact the  nearest outlet of JSC "COMINBANK" or the Contact Center of the Bank by calling the round-the-clock customer support:  

0-800-501-200 (free calls within Ukraine).


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