Pension and social benefits
The most convenient and profitable way to get a pension!


  • Opening an account or card is free of charge
  • Crediting pensions and cash benefits is free of charge о
  • Cash withdrawal at any ATM in Ukraine is free of charge*
  • Additional interest on the balance - 8% per annum
  • Additional interest on deposits +1% per annum on deposits in UAH
  • Free SMS notification

* in the amount of up to 10,000.00 UAH per month, in the amount of 10,000.01 UAH - Commission of 1%+5 UAH.


Opening a current account, including using a payment card 

free of charge

Issuing an additional card

free of charge

Cash deposit at the Bank's cash desk

free of charge

Cash withdrawal at the bank's ATM and cash desk free of charge

Cash withdrawal at any ATM in Ukraine 

up to 10,000.00 UAH - not charged; from 10,000.01 UAH - 1%+5 UAH

SMS banking service

free of charge

Issuing a power of attorney  ;

50 UAH

Connecting internet banking "CIB-online"

free of charge

You don't need to go to a pension fund! A bank employee will do everything for you!

Documents required for opening an account, terms and procedure for providing banking services

To open a "Social" account, you need the following documents:

  1. Passport of a citizen of Ukraine (including one issued in the format of an ID-card), birth certificate or other document certifying a minor (for minors, underage individuals receiving special payments) or other document certifying the identity of the Recipient (authorized representative), which may be used in Ukraine to conclude transactions in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. The ID-card is provided together with an extract from the Unified State Demographic Register regarding the registration of the place of residence.
  2. A document containing the Taxpayer Registration Identification Card Number of Ukraine (or identification number according to the State Register of Individuals - Taxpayers) (if any)
  3. Pension certificate for recipients of pensions (recipients of financial assistance paid by the Social Security Authorities the provision of pension certificate is not required).


For recipients of pensions and/or cash assistance, the bank has an additional deposit loyalty system. 1% per annum is added to the current rates on deposits in UAH.


Rules for banking services for individuals


Possible consequences when using a current account for pension and social benefits

The bank does not have the right to unilaterally make changes to agreements concluded with clients unless otherwise established by the agreement or law. The bank has the right to make changes to the tariffs or rules for servicing individuals in JSC "COMINBANK". In this case, the notice of amendments shall be posted on information stands located at the bank's premises and/or on the official website of the Bank.

The Bank is prohibited from requiring the client to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or affiliated person as a prerequisite for the provision of these services (except for the provision of a package of banking services). 

The client has the right to refuse to receive advertising materials by means of remote communication channels by sending an appeal through the Bank's official website
The interest accrued on the amounts of pensions and financial assistance received from the Pension Fund or social security authorities shall not be taxed, and the interest accrued on the balance of funds deposited/credited by the Account Holder or other persons to the Account shall be taxed in accordance with the requirements of the Tax Code of Ukraine.

If a card account is used for payments, in order to protect funds and prevent and combat crimes with payment cards, you must keep your PIN secret from other persons, not write your PIN on the Card or on other items stored with the Card. In the event of loss/theft of the Card, if the PIN has become known to third parties or if fraudulent actions with the Card have been detected, the Cardholder must immediately notify the Bank by calling the Contact Center to block the Card. The Cardholder has no right to transfer the Card for use to other persons and disclose the Card details. Using the Card for payments on the Internet carries an increased risk. The Card shall be used in trade (service) enterprises and at bank cash desks in the presence of the Cardholder.

Pensions and financial assistance are not credited to current accounts unless the recipient has been identified and verified during the year with the obligatory presentation of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or other identity document confirming his or her age and a document specified by law to establish his or her place of residence. In this case, the Pension Fund and the social welfare body pay funds through the national postal operator at the place of actual residence of the recipient in the locality within Ukraine specified in the application.

Frequently asked questions

Who can open a "Social" account?

Clients receiving social benefits from the Public Social Protection Fund and/or payments from the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

Do I need to close an account with another bank to open an account with COMINBANK JSC?

No, you don't. When opening an account with JSC "COMINBANK", you will sign an application, which the Bank's employees will send to the Pension Fund. Next month, the pension will be credited to your account with our Bank.

Is it possible to issue a power of attorney in a bank?

Yes, you can get a power of attorney for the account or an additional payment card from us. You can use an additional card to withdraw funds, pay by bank transfer, and so on.

I am an internally displaced person, can I open a "Social" account?

No, you can't open an account for payment of pension with COMINBANK JSC. Whereas, for internally displaced persons who are registered, which is confirmed by a certificate issued in accordance with the "Procedure for registration and issuance of a certificate of registration of an internally displaced person" approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 01.10.2014 No. 509 (Official Gazette of Ukraine, 2014, No. 81, p. 2296; 2015, No. 70, p. 2312), the authorized bank is JSC "Oschadbank".