Individual Bank safes

Dear customers who use individual bank safes, we would like to inform you about the change in tariffs for their use.

If your agreement expires on or after February 24, 2022, you will be charged the standard fee for each day of using an individual safe deposit box (previously, such a fee was set at triple the daily cost for each day of storage of valuables beyond the term).


Individual bank safes - peace of mind and security for the price of a cup of coffee!


  • modern and reliable security systems;
  • ease of access;  
  • reliability and confidentiality;
  • possibility of issuing a power of attorney to a person close to you for the right to use the safe.

Terms and conditions:

Outlets that provide services

in the cities of Bila Tserkva, Dnipro, ZhytomyrIrpinKamianske, KovalivkaKramatorsk, Kyiv, Lutsk, LvivMykolaiv, Odesa, Svitlovodsk, UzhhorodKharkiv, Khmelnytskyi, ChernivtsiVinnytsiaZaporizhzhiaTernopil, Poltava.

Safe deposit box rental terms

from 15 days to 731 days inclusive with the right to extend the storage period

Cost of rent

from 6.00 UAH per day (depending on the region and rental period).
Issuing a power of attorney

from 100 UAH

Collateral value of the key

refunded after the key is returned to the bank

Rules for banking services for individuals


Possible consequences when leasing individual bank safes

The bank shall have the right to open the safe without the client's presence and withdraw valuables if, within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of expiration of the lease of the safe specified in the agreement, the client does not appear to receive the valuables stored therein and does not return the set of keys (during the period of martial law, the safe shall not be opened).

If the client loses a set of keys, damages one of the keys, or damages the safe lock, the Bank has the right to use the amount of the received collateral value for the key to an individual safe to repay the client's debt and reimburse the cost of a set of keys, safe opening services, and the installation of a new lock.

The bank does not have the right to unilaterally make changes to agreements concluded with clients unless otherwise established by the agreement or law.

The Bank has the right to make changes to the tariffs or the Rules for the provision of payment and other services to individuals in JSC "COMINBANK". In this case, the notice of amendments shall be posted on information stands located at the Bank's premises and/or on the official website of the Bank.

The Bank is prohibited from requiring the customer to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or affiliated person as a prerequisite for the provision of these services (except for the provision of a package of banking services).

The client has the right to refuse to receive advertising materials by means of remote communication channels by sending an appeal through the Bank's official website


Archive of documents and tariffs

Frequently asked questions

What can I store in a bank safe box?

You can store documents, securities, jewelry, money, etc. in the bank safe.

What can't be stored in a bank safe box?

Foodstuffs, weapons, ammunition, explosives, chemical, radioactive, toxic substances, poisons, drugs, perishable, and flammable substances, as well as other items withdrawn from circulation in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and/or that may cause damage to the Bank and its employees, Clients, or the environment, may not be stored in the bank safe box.

How can I save money when renting a bank safe?

Renting a safe for a period of 15–30 days costs 12.00 UAH for one day of rent; renting the same safe for a period of 366 days costs 8 UAH for one day. By renting a safe for a longer period of time, you save up to 40%, which is more than 100 UAH per month.

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