Mission and strategy


  • Ensure stability, reliability, confidence and mutual trust in relations with clients, which is achieved through the bank's balanced conservative financial policy
  • Provide high-quality banking services, confidentially and securely, taking into account the individual features of each client
  • Partnership relations between the client and the Bank are the key to mutual well — being and prosperity
  • Lending to innovative projects aimed at creating new production facilities in Ukraine using high technologies and modern scientific developments. We are guided by the rule that financial institutions that invest in production and support innovative technologies are the most sustainable in the long run

Strategic Development Goals of the Bank

  • Increasing capital, improving competitiveness and efficiency
  • Reaching a qualitatively new level of client service, ensuring an optimal level of solvency and liquidity
  • Compliance with the policy of continuous expansion of operations through organic growth and diversification of clients and products
  • Protect equity and client funds from risks
  • Development of systems that would embody the best international practices in the general management of the bank and in improving the corporate planning process, which would allow adjusting the strategy to respond quickly to market risks