Currency exchange 16.04.2024
Exchange rates for buying and selling foreign currency in cash at branch cash desks
Currency Purchase Selling
USD 39.40 39.95
EUR 42.00 42.78
PLN 9.50 10.10
GBP 48.40 49.90
CHF 42.60 44.30
EUR/USD 1.0620 1.0760

*Conversions over EUR 5 thousand are subject to approval by the Treasurer, (044) 586-54-89. The exchange rate and the list of currencies in the Bank's branches may differ.

** The rate and list of currencies in different branches of the Bank may differ.

Currency exchange On-line
Currency Purchase Selling
USD 39.30 39.75
EUR 41.90 42.55
For payment cards
Currency Purchase Selling
USD 39.30 39.80
EUR 41.70 42.65
For the «Favorable exchange rate» deposit
Currency Rate
USD 39.74
EUR 42.19
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