On December 3, 2023, COMINBANK (JSC COMINBANK) celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Over three decades, the bank has created high-quality financial products, provided an exemplary level of service, and formed a powerful team. COMINBANK has always based its activities on the principles of professionalism and historical pride. But the most important thing is that today's clients consider JSC "COMINBANK" not just a stable financial partner, but also a reliable friend and a wise adviser in the field of financial matters.

The beginning of the bank's work almost coincides with the beginning and formation of the financial system of our state. 30 years - in fact, the age of Ukrainian Independence - a time of active development of the country with a powerful European vector. All this time, COMINBANK relentlessly supported the Ukrainian economy, improved its services using best practices, and accumulated expertise and knowledge.

COMINBANK's anniversary falls on the second year of the Great War. For the family of Ukrainians, this period is a difficult test. When a full-scale invasion occurred, the bank quickly identified several vectors to help the country. On an ongoing basis, COMINBANK supports a military hospital, monthly helps children, elderly people, forced migrants together with the ONUKY fund, participates in cultural and public initiatives of historical significance: on the occasion of the anniversary, the bank will organize an educational initiative for schoolchildren from families of IDPs and families of defenders.

Stefan Paul Pinter, COMINBANK shareholder:

"As a majority shareholder of COMINBANK, I am extremely proud that the bank is able to support Ukrainians in their quest for freedom and independence, and especially to support those heroes who risk their lives every day and make incredible sacrifices in the fight against evil. I am amazed and inspired by the courage, wisdom and determination of the people of Ukraine, who are actually protecting the whole world from tyranny. Since my first visit to Kyiv in 1995, I have been convinced that Ukraine has a special destiny as a country of innovation, opportunity and humanity. COMINBANK and I will always actively support Ukrainians on the path to peace and security, which is getting closer every day. Glory to Ukraine!"

Tetyana Putintseva, Chairman of the Management Board of COMINBANK:

"My personal journey to Kominbank began in an era of change, when the need for quick and effective decisions became apparent. The bank had to make an evolutionary leap because the world demanded a new business model. The plans were implemented successfully. But suddenly the war started and it became obvious: now, in addition to developing, volunteering, donating, paying taxes, expanding the network, creating new jobs, all of us, Ukrainians, bear a historical responsibility.

Therefore, celebrating the 30th anniversary, Cominbank takes care of true historical knowledge and contributes to the truth being an unshakable fortress against enemy propaganda. Therefore, on the bank's birthday, our gift to our compatriots will be a series of historical and educational events."


The concept of corporate social responsibility of the bank is called DOBROKOLO. One of the values ​​of the "good circle" is corporate volunteering. Employees do charity constantly and from the bottom of their hearts. After all, they believe that indifference is always rewarded and brings Ukrainians closer to their common cherished dream.



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