To celebrate its 30th anniversary, COMINBANK gives children excursions to the Museum "Formation of the Ukrainian nation"

On 5 December, Tetiana Putintseva, the Chairman of the Management Board of COMINBANK, and Stefan Paul Pinter, a shareholder of COMINBANK (London, UK), officially presented a series of charity excursions for schoolchildren in the Museum of the Formation of the Ukrainian Nation in Kyiv. 

COMINBANK provides free visits to the museum to schoolchildren, including the wards of the ONUKY charity foundation (students from among internally displaced persons (IDPs)), as well as children of military personnel.

At a press briefing, the bank's shareholder Stefan Paul Pinter said he was pleasantly surprised by the bank's development and achievements during the full-scale invasion.

"I have many friends with whom I communicate, and they are surprised that the bank is developing, improving services, introducing new ones and doing all this in the middle of the war with Russia. I am proud of how the bank has grown, and today I can hardly recognize the bank I invested in 7 years ago. The bank provides support to wounded Ukrainian soldiers, and I am proud of the new charity project - supporting the younger generation, because nothing is more important than education," said Stefan Paul Pinter.

Tetiana Putintseva, Chairman of the Management Board of the bank, added that in this way the bank is contributing to the spread of true historical knowledge among the younger generation, so that historical truth becomes an unshakable fortress against enemy propaganda.

"Over the decades of Ukraine's independence, COMINBANK has gone through all the common challenges together with the state: economic and political crises, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the full-scale Russian invasion. Nowadays, the bank's team cares about spreading historical knowledge among the younger generation of Ukrainians. A series of excursions for schoolchildren to the Museum "Formation of the Ukrainian Nation" is a gift from the bank's team with the mission of promoting the true history of our country among young Ukrainians, when, in confronting the challenges of wartime, all Ukrainians are united by the desire for Victory as the culmination of the inevitable recognition of historical justice," the head of the bank said.

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