To the attention of customers! New version of the public offer of JOINT STOCK COMPANY "COMINBANK" (for individuals)

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that a new version of the Rules for the provision of payment and other services to individuals in JOINT STOCK COMPANY COMINBANK (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) has been approved. The new version of the Rules provides for the following changes:

  • introduced the concepts of "financial service" and "financial service secrecy" and updated them to other provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On Financial Services and Financial Companies";
  • a new section has been added: Peculiarities of opening, servicing and closing current accounts using a payment card opened within the eVostoinstallation electronic public service;
  • it is determined that the date of opening an account (current, deposit) of the Client is the date specified in the terms of the relevant agreement;
  • the list of grounds on which the Bank has the right to withdraw from the agreement and close the client's account has been expanded;
  • stipulates that in the event of receipt of a document for the forced debiting of deposit funds (part of the deposit), the Bank shall close the deposit account, unless otherwise provided by the agreement (the balance of the deposit funds shall be transferred to the client's account);
  • updated the Rules for the Use of Payment Cards (Annex 1 to the Rules);
  • and other changes.

The new version of the Rules will come into force: from 15.02.2024 (except for issues related to transactions with payment cards); from 04.03.2024 - in terms of issues related to transactions with payment cards.

З новою редакцією Правил Ви можете ознайомитись at the link.

Joint-stock company "Commercial Industrial Bank"