COMINBANK's expert told about the trends in exchange rates

What will be the USD and EUR cash exchange rate in July-2023?

Herman Marchenko, Director of the Treasury Department of COMINBANK, provided the latest forecast to

"Currently, supply and demand in the cash foreign exchange market are almost balanced. In July, despite slight fluctuations in the cash exchange rate, the situation will remain in the usual controlled state. Thus, the cash exchange rate of the dollar will be in the range of UAH 37.0-37.7/$, and the euro will be in the range of UAH 40.5-41.5/€.

I would like to emphasize that during the martial law, the National Bank of Ukraine continues to implement measures aimed at maintaining financial stability. I would like to remind you that in May, the NBU presented its new institutional strategy "Financial Fortress of Ukraine", which, in addition to a number of key strategic goals, also defines important measures for monetary and exchange rate policy. Thus, the trend toward gradual unification of official, bank, and retail exchange rates will continue.

It should also be added that the stabilization of exchange rates continues to be influenced by the assistance of our country's foreign partners and grant revenues".

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