Training "Sustainable strategies and ESG criteria" was held for the management of JSC "COMINBANK" in Kyiv




COMINBANK is actively working on the implementation of basic management tools in accordance with ESG standards to support the Bank's sustainable development and its compliance with ESG standards.

On 28 March 2024, the employees of JSC "COMINBANK" attended the training "Sustainable strategies and ESG criteria" in Kyiv.

The training was conducted by Alina Sokolenko, the Chairman of the Association of Sustainability Development Experts (ASDE), a certified international expert on sustainable development and non-financial reporting.

As part of the event, the team got acquainted with such concepts as the essence of "Sustainability" and "ESG", as well as listened to relevant information about global trends, history and needs of the emergence of sustainable development principles.

The participants analysed cases of well-known Ukrainian and international companies and learnt how to identify, analyse and predict risks from the activities of financial services companies.  

The expert also shared her experience in developing an ESG management plan and, accordingly, the nuances of writing non-financial reporting, spoke about the experience of Ukraine and the EU in the context of the "sustainability" market, highlighted the programme and mechanism of action for the implementation of a just transformation, provided information on environmental and social standards of international financial institutions and on reporting on greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3).  

It is worth reminding that in 2023, JSC "COMINBANK" made a decision to integrate ESG principles into its activities. The main goal of ESG banking is to support projects and enterprises that have a positive impact on the environment.

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