COMINBANK continues the educational initiative for children about the historical roots of Ukraine

On the occasion of the birthday of the Ukrainian poet and public figure Lesya Ukrainka, COMINBANK, together with its partner, the Museum of the Formation of the Ukrainian Nation, prepared excursions and gifts for the children of IDPs, who are cared for by the ONUKY charitable foundation.
"May today bring you interesting and unusual discoveries. New knowledge, what you did not know about our outstanding poetess. So that you realize and be inspired by the talent of our nation and its most outstanding representatives. - said Tetyana Putintseva, Chairman of the Board of Kominbank, welcoming the tour participants. - They discovered for themselves how rich our country is with talented people.Cominbank recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of its activity - it is almost the same age as our independence: we all witnessed the events of its formation and struggle for our country. And since the beginning of the full-scale war, we have taken on a very responsible mission: we help our soldiers, the families of forced migrants, and we also help spread the true history of our country and highlight the contribution of prominent figures of our culture."
A new, so far unofficial holiday is gaining popularity in Ukraine - Ukrainian Women's Day, and the date of its celebration may be the birthday of the outstanding Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka - this event took place on February 25. This outstanding woman made a significant contribution to the flourishing of Ukrainian culture and literary art, the figure of the poet personifies Ukrainian indomitability and the nation's historical desire to get rid of imperial shackles in culture and social life.
"We are celebrating the birthday of a wonderful outstanding Ukrainian woman - the poetess Lesya. We know a lot about her from textbooks and her poems, and it's great that with the help of our partners you can learn more about her as a person. — Myroslava Zabrodska, deputy director of the Museum of the Formation of the Ukrainian Nation, addressed the tour participants. — We are sincerely glad for this meeting! It will give you the pleasure of knowledge, new creative insights, acquaintance with an outstanding Ukrainian woman, whose every word is full of wisdom and love, preserves and carries through the centuries the cultural code of our nation."
Among the exhibits of the museum is a wonderful figure of Lesya - the participants of the lecture took pictures with her. As a reminder of the excursion, its participants received a book by contemporary Ukrainian author Natalka Maletych "Lesya. Traveling ball"
The wards of the ONUKY Foundation had another opportunity to touch the living history of Ukraine and get acquainted with its extraordinary figure during the thematic interactive lecture and a general tour of the museum's unique exhibits.
The bank constantly supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine, one of the military hospitals, together with the ONUKY foundation, helps children, the elderly and displaced persons, and develops a culture of corporate volunteerism.
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