COMINBANK expert gave a lecture to the students of Odesa National University on the occasion of the "Safe Internet Day"

On the occasion of the "Safe Internet Day", Igor Kalynchuk, COMINBANK representative, Deputy Director of IT Department, held an educational meeting with 2nd and 3rd year students of Mechnikov Odesa National University.

"During the war, the number of online payments has increased, as people are often afraid to carry cash with them. At the same time, the number of fraudulent activities increased. In 2023, the number of such precedents increased significantly compared to 2022. Thieves often use phishing websites. Therefore, you should always be careful where you make a payment. 

If you are worried about your money and want to be sure that it will not be written off for nothing, I advise you to install the app of the bank you use. The bank provides the necessary verification and makes sure that you are the initiator of the payment.

I would also like to note that the potential of security measures has increased significantly with the advent of artificial intelligence. After all, there are now more opportunities to track the "atypical", suspicious behaviour of the cardholder: AI copes with such tasks much faster than an operator. 

Attention can be drawn to the moment when a customer suddenly uses a card on a gambling website. In the case of a reasonable suspicion, the money on such a card can be blocked and the customer will receive a notification," the expert said.

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Safer Internet Day is aimed at spreading knowledge about the safe and responsible use of digital technologies, in particular for children and youth.

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